While a unified media law has long been anticipated in Parliament, the bill has seemingly been divided into several parts, causing tension among legislators. Critics say the diversion from a unified bill changes the scope of the law, leaving media regulation up for grabs. The government’s amendments.. also included permitting pre-trial detention in publishing crimes, and removing the provision prohibiting the search of offices and homes of journalists.

The suspension of Morsi’s sentences comes in the wake of proposals by some Muslim Brotherhood leaders to reach a rapprochement with the Egyptian state. According to rights lawyer Negad al-Borai, “A reconciliation agreement could not be reached between the state and the Brotherhood so long as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is in office. Sisi is building his political regime on the basis that he saved the country from the Brotherhood’s rule.”

The first installment of the loan, $2.75 billion, was immediately disbursed. Of late the relationship with Saudi Arabia has deteriorated, and Egypt has found itself cut off by its Saudi benefactor. Expected levels of revenue from an expansion of the Suez Canal have not materialized. In addition, remittances from Egyptian workers in the Persian Gulf have dropped. The monetary fund’s loan will... signal confidence in the government, making Egypt more attractive to foreign investors.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said the economic activities of the Armed Forces constitute between 1 and 1.5 percent of GDP. Sisi’s estimations accurately reflect the official book value for the Armed Forces, but... other activities, such as private-sector partnerships for land ownership... are unlikely to be included in these calculations. Analysts say the main issue in Egypt is not the scale of the military economy as much as the lack of transparency and civilian oversight concerning it.

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) liberalized the exchange rate on Thursday, giving banks operating in Egypt the right to flexibly set their rates. The decision to float the pound is part of a “larger program for financial and structural reform announced by the Egyptian government, which is going to be implemented firmly to decrease budget deficit and public debt.” The Egyptian government is working on securing a US$12 billion loan from the IMF to ease escalating economic pressure.

The Barack Obama administration shifted more than $100 million earmarked for Egypt to other countries earlier this year. House members officially requested the.. transfer... of Egypt's funding to Tunisia, which some lawmakers view as more deserving of US assistance following its fledgling transition to democracy. The reallocation represents more than two-thirds of the $150 million in annual economic assistance that the State Department has requested for Egypt in recent years.

RSF...has included Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on a list of “predators of press freedom.” The list is a roundup of 35 presidents, political and religious leaders, militias and criminal organizations which censor, imprison, torture and murder journalists around the world ... While Egypt ranked low on the index prior to the Arab Spring, the organization claimed that it has fallen even further since Sisi assumed power.

In many nations, transportation fuels are as cheap as soda. Electricity rates are so discounted in the Persian Gulf states that some residents do not bother to turn down their air-conditioners while away on vacation. By some estimates, the consumption subsidies may be responsible for more than 10 percent of total global emissions of carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas. They also contribute to traffic jams and air pollution in cities across the developing world.

the six [nations] most profoundly affected [by the Arab Spring] — Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen — are all republics, rather than monarchies. And of these six, the three that have disintegrated so completely as to raise doubt that they will ever again exist as functioning states — Iraq, Syria and Libya — are all...countries created by Western imperial powers in the early 20th century ... little thought was given to national coherence, and even less to tribal or sectarian divisions.

But for a number of fledgling countries and colonies across the world, America’s loss was their great gain ... It took just a couple of weeks after the outbreak of hostilities in South Carolina for farmers the world over to realize the scope of the bounty that had landed in their lap. Agricultural laborers from Australia and India to the West Indies ditched...other food staples and hastily planted up their fields with cotton ... No one, however, seized on the opportunity quite like the Egyptians