Not only did its passage [Prop13] gut basic services the state used to excel at, like education, but it also turned real estate into the primary way Californians accrued and preserved personal wealth. If you bought a cheap house in the 1970s in the Bay Area, today it’s a gold mine—and you are disincentivized from doing anything that would reduce its value, like, say, allowing an apartment building to be built anywhere within view.

Machine learning will change not only how the world analyzes data but how it builds software ... software engineering is moving from handcrafted code based on logic to machine learning models based on probability and uncertainty ... all the physicists pushing into the realm of the Silicon Valley engineer is a sign of a much bigger change to come. Soon, all the Silicon Valley engineers will push into the realm of the physicist.

Under the new system, before members can post a crime and safety message, the site warns them about profiling, saying: “Ask yourself – is what I saw actually suspicious, especially if I take race or ethnicity out of the equation?” Next, users are encouraged to focus on behaviors and specific descriptions, such as clothing, shoes and tattoos. If they want to mention race, they have to fill out a form and include at least two other physical descriptors before posting.

X is designed to be a protected space for long-term thinking, prototyping, and de-risking... to make progress toward any audacious idea, you have to make mistakes — you have to seek out frequent, messy, instructive failure that shows you what to do (or not do) next ... teams start each day assuming failure is the norm... It’s very easy to work on simple stuff and show some progress, but that doesn’t teach you the hard things that you need to understand deeply to solve the problem in the long run

why are they becoming more integrated? ... It’s not because Stockton is becoming more like San Francisco; it’s because Stockton is different. The Central Valley can solve problems the Bay Area has. It can build more housing when the Bay Area won’t. It can house middle-class workers when the Bay Area can’t. It can accommodate the growing number of warehouses and logistics operations that no longer make economic sense in the expensive Bay.

No technology symbolizes the progress – and the dangers – of smart machines like self-driving cars. Robots might help build the phone in your pocket and neural networks might write captions for your vacation pictures, but self-driving cars promise to change everything, from how you get from one place to another to how cities are built. They will save lives and reduce pollution. And they will replace the romance of the open road with the romance of riding around in what amounts to a big iPhone.

Silicon Valley tends to mirror the rest of the United States when it comes to early-education inequality. About three quarters of 3-year-olds from poorer families aren’t enrolled in preschool, but a majority of their wealthier counterparts are ... While the return on investment of prekindergarten education is widely debated, researchers tend to agree that high-quality early-learning experiences are most beneficial for children who are poor or speak English as a second language.

In the past decade, as tech jobs have boomed in Silicon Valley, so has rent. Average monthly rents for a one-bedroom apartment are $2,186 in San Jose, $2,469 in Oakland and $3,361 in San Francisco ... Salaries for tech shuttle drivers start at around $2,900 a month — making even modest nearby apartments unaffordable. Instead of moving somewhere cheaper on the outskirts of the Bay Area — hours from their jobs ... tech bus drivers live in their cars.

The San Francisco Bay Area ... has emerged with an unlikely distinction this year: It is California's biggest source of campaign money for GOP presidential candidates. Republicans and their super PACs have collected $13.4 million in the Bay Area, much of it from Silicon Valley tech moguls ... Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle Corp., gave $3 million to a committee promoting Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida. Scott Banister ... gave $1.25 million to one backing Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

American capitalism has a new hub in the west. Wall Street used to be the place to seek fortunes and make deals; now it is increasingly the Valley. The area’s tech companies are worth over $3 trillion.The enormous, disruptive creativity of Silicon Valley is unlike anything since the genius of the great 19th-century inventors. Its triumph is to be celebrated. But the accumulation of so much wealth so fast comes with risks.