The researchers say this new malware can automate mass power outages, like the one in Ukraine’s capital, and includes swappable, plug-in components that could allow it to be adapted to different electric utilities, easily reused, or even launched simultaneously across multiple targets.

Trumps... strong stance on fighting Isis and “Islamic terrorism” means he is unlikely to hand control of a country... to a scarcely less hardline group. The Baltic states are nervous about whether a Trump administration would defend them in the event of a Russian attack. Trump’s win certainly makes a president Le Pen more plausible. Trump has promised to reverse decades of US policy by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the American embassy there.

Ukraine is refitting and expanding its naval fleet... to counter a Russian military build-up in the annexed territory of Crimea. The upgrade will be helped by $30 million worth of U.S. aid, part of a $500 million package from Washington. Ukraine lost two-thirds of its fleet.. when Russia seized Crimea from Kiev in 2014. Other measures by Ukraine to beef up its defense include raising the level of training for navy personnel and creating new units of coastal defense troops.

There are places...where the natural background radiation emanating from the planet is far higher than normal doses, including the Guarapari resort in Brazil and the radioactive thermal springs in Ramsar, Iran. Yet in these places, there are no indications of an increased risk of cancer ... Still, the skeptical majority of researchers is not convinced. They point out that cancer statistics are notoriously unreliable at low doses of radiation.

the control systems in Ukraine were surprisingly more secure than some in the US, since they were well-segmented from the control center business networks with robust firewalls. But in the end they still weren’t secure enough ... many power grid control systems here don’t have manual backup functionality, which means that if attackers were to sabotage automated systems here, it could be much harder for workers to restore power.

The first, visible step was to recruit a patrol police to act alongside (and eventually replace) the existing police force—a new group that could inspire more trust than the incumbent police force ... In two weeks, as many as 34,000 applied to the selection, and about 2,000 were chosen. Of them, 500 were women ... half the new patrol teams have a woman. And that makes the likelihood of encountering a female officer in Kyiv one of the highest in the world.

All ten of the country’s most popular channels are owned by powerful oligarchs...According to some commentators, even some of the country’s top TV stations are subsidized by their owners ... the advantage of having a personal media outlet isn’t profit — it’s gaining leverage in the power struggle among big business players, all of which, in a country as corrupt as Ukraine, have ambitious political agendas.

They won’t get the power of a veto, but Egypt, Japan, Senegal, Ukraine, and Uruguay will soon have seats at the ... United Nations Security Council ... they begin their two-year term in January ... The Security Council ... is responsible for responding to world crises and maintaining peace through cease-fire orders, collective military action, sanctions, and peacekeeping operations. It is the only U.N. body with the authority to take legal action

With the conflict in Ukraine still unresolved and Putin increasingly isolated by the West, intervention in the Middle East was intended to reassert Russia as a major world power and act as a counterforce to Western support for the Ukrainian government in Ukraine. Putin has justified the Russian incursion in Syria as a fight against global terrorism, warning that Russian militants fighting against Assad could come back home and carry out terrorist attacks.

The Chinese government must balance a not-so-distant history of starving its own population with today’s promise of ever-increasing prosperity — all while confronting increasingly unfavorable environmental conditions ... China is already leasing a tenth of Ukraine’s arable soil, and buying up food whenever global supplies tighten. During the drought of 2010, Chinese panic buying helped bring bread riots and revolution to the Middle East.