People who are able to keep their emotions under control, listen to others, and treat them fairly and authentically earn the respect of those they work with. They don’t intimidate, condescend, or hog the spotlight in order to attract their colleagues’ attention. Being approachable is actually a hugely undervalued leadership skill, but it’s one emotionally intelligent people find natural.

more than 125 million Americans—more than half of the country’s adult population—are thought to be stored in a vast network of databases used by local and federal law enforcement to scan photos and videos of individuals. Many of these faces, which can be searched without reasonable suspicion, belong to people who have never been charged with a crime... there are few guidelines or legal rulings that govern exactly how face recognition...should be used by police.

Children are a kind of indicator species. If we can build a successful city for children, we will have a successful city for all people ... children are disproportionately vulnerable to urban dangers, whether that's pollution, violence or speeding traffic ... efforts to get children's perspectives have also given rise to an initiative to see the whole city from the eye level of healthy three-year-old ... The changes that come out of getting information from children can be incredibly simple. In Oslo, for example, it has meant things as granular as cutting down bushes at a certain crossing, because children couldn't see traffic.

Because the company works directly with farmers, rather than distributors, it can calculate demand and tell farmers how much kale it will need before the plants are in the ground, so farmers don't end up with oversupply ... When food is ready for distribution, the company works to distribute from regional farms, rather than shipping food across the country

There's no vaccine for malaria yet, but the world has been getting better at treating and preventing the deadly disease ... the death rate from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa has dropped by 57% since 2000 ... While that still means that more than a half million kids will likely perish annually, it represents a huge improvement in the fight against...the mosquito, which breeds prolifically and can transmit other diseases like dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis.

Words With Friends has 14.9 million monthly active users and 6.7 million daily users ... Words With Friends came at the right moment for mobile games ... It spans different ages and backgrounds, and with the asynchronous play, people might spend quite a bit of time with it, spread out in chunks through the day ... The owners of Scrabble (Hasbro in the U.S. and Canada, Mattel elsewhere) have mobile games that compete with Words With Friends, but they haven't been as popular.

California...just passed a law that will make it illegal by 2025 to put organic matter into landfill ... it is building or expanding 200 composting plants, and, in a pioneering program, that compost is being spread on the prairie, where it creates a carbon sink pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere ... In Philadelphia...all new-build homes must have an in-sink shredder for food waste; the resulting slurry is turned into biogas, which is used to power the city's water treatment plant.

The three-lens camera, which can focus as close as 3 millimeters, is so tiny that it can be injected—complete with the attached fiber—into the human body using a standard hypodermic syringe. And they can be churned out by the hundreds, or made with a very specific design, because the lenses are 3D printed. If printed onto the end of an optic fiber, the lens becomes a camera that can be inserted into any part of the human body, including the brain.

Broadband penetration in China is already around 50%, or about 650 million people, and the country’s smartphone penetration is the highest in the world. While the country’s Internet giants are often described... "the Google of China," "the Amazon of China," etc.—they are, by certain measures, actually far bigger and more successful ... Alibaba can make $5 billion in 90 minutes, WeChat has convinced 200 million people to link their bank accounts to the app

If the goal of the economy is to provide decent-paying work for everyone, that economy clearly isn't doing a good job at the moment. Real wages for most Americans haven't increased in 40 years. Real unemployment—which includes the "under-employed"—is above 10%. Many jobs are now part-time, flexi-time, or "gigs" with no benefits and few protections. And, we spend a lot of money to subsidize so-called "bullshit jobs": more than 50% of fast food workers receive some form of public assistance