Foreign investors dropped out of Vancouver’s property market...after the provincial government imposed a 15 percent surcharge to stem a surge in home prices... The Canadian city...has long been a favored destination among global property investors, who have been blamed for fomenting escalating prices. The new tax went into effect...amid public pressure in the region, where home prices are almost double the national average of C$473,105.

US sanctions... tightened in 2006 for human rights violations in Darfur have contributed to the demise of Africa’s second largest railway. Sudanese officials hope they can convince the Obama administration to ease sanctions on much-needed spare parts during its final weeks in office. Sudanese railway officials lament that many Chinese firms have yielded to US pressure and stopped dealing with the SRC, forcing it to procure equipment through shady agents at higher cost and questionable quality.

The first installment of the loan, $2.75 billion, was immediately disbursed. Of late the relationship with Saudi Arabia has deteriorated, and Egypt has found itself cut off by its Saudi benefactor. Expected levels of revenue from an expansion of the Suez Canal have not materialized. In addition, remittances from Egyptian workers in the Persian Gulf have dropped. The monetary fund’s loan will... signal confidence in the government, making Egypt more attractive to foreign investors.

instead of across-the-board decline, Africa is witnessing a gradual shift in the continental balance of economic power — away from petrostates like Nigeria and Angola and toward less flashy but more diversified economies like Ethiopia and Tanzania. After decades of lavishing attention on the oil-powered economies of West Africa, investors are now flocking to the economies of East Africa, which have demonstrated their resilience to lower commodity prices

Chinese and other foreign buyers have helped reshape the American real-estate market, driving up prices ... Many Chinese view U.S. real estate as not only a good investment but...also figure a U.S. address would make it easier for their children to enroll in an American college. ... One-third of Chinese purchases were concentrated in California for the year ended in March, according to the National Association of Realtors, trailed by Washington state, with 8% of purchases, and New York, at 7%.