As many as 25 percent of physicians practicing in the US were born in another country. Rural clinics and public safety-net hospitals, in particular, rely on foreign medical school graduates to take care of isolated and vulnerable populations. They often serve as primary care doctors, filling a vital need as more American-born MDs gravitate toward high-paying specialties.

Last year around 890,000 asylum-seekers, more than 70 percent of them Muslims, entered the country. Around a third came from Syria. Many of them do not want to go to Turkish mosques because they do not understand the sermons. They prefer to worship where people speak Arabic.‎ Yet in these mosques, other problems arise. They are often short of funds, or else supported by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Some back ultra-conservative or highly literal interpretations of Islam, such as Wahhabism

With an estimated 20 million Muslims (14 percent of the population), Russia is the largest Muslim country in Europe outside of Turkey both in absolute terms and as a share of the population. In 2002, the numbers were 14.5 million and 10 percent respectively. The 40 percent increase since 2002 is due mostly to migrants laborers from Central Asia and Azerbaijan ... Between 1.5 and 2 million migrants have also made Moscow the second largest Muslim city in Europe behind Istanbul.

Today’s Russian population is about 15% Muslim—a proportion that has grown with the influx of millions of migrant workers from Central Asia. Russia is also, by some counts, the world’s second-largest source of recruits for Islamic State. From a city like Derbent, the distance to Baghdad is roughly the same as from Boston to Chicago.

The relative prosperity and assimilation of American Muslims stands in stark contrast to that of Muslims living in Europe. European Muslim youth tend to see themselves as victims of prejudice in the workplace and in society. Muslims in Europe are far more likely to be unemployed and to receive lower pay for the same work than “native” Europeans ... Polling shows that American Muslims are patriotic. They are significantly happier with the direction of the country than non-Muslims. according to most measures one of the most open and egalitarian countries in the world... Known for its...robust defense of gay rights and social freedoms, and its vigorous culture of social and political debate... Danish leaders also have a history of protecting religious minorities... When it comes to refugees, however, Denmark has long led the continent in its shift to the right...that large-scale Muslim immigration is incompatible with European social democracy.

In South Carolina, where GOP voters seem poised to hand the real estate mogul another big win on Saturday, terrorism is the No. 1 concern of a majority of Republican voters, and Trump supporters have some ideas about what to do about it. Two-thirds of Trump backers support a federal registry of Muslims; only 44 percent believe Islam should even be legal.

Because of the unique position that Muslim immigrants occupy in American national security — subjected to a higher degree of scrutiny but also solicited as valuable sources in their communities — CARRP can victimize Muslim immigrants twice: leaving them in painful limbo for years, and then exposing them to abuse by law enforcement ... the numbers are large: Just between 2008 and 2012, the case files of over 19,000 people from 18 Muslim-majority countries were rerouted through that program.

The perception that Muslim populations are larger than they really are is widespread in Europe ... The average French citizen thought 31% of France’s population was Muslim against the recorded 8%, Germans thought theirs was 19% against 6%, and in the UK the figures were 21% and 5% ... Germany and France have the biggest Muslim populations among European Union countries with more than 4.7 million apiece, while the UK comes third with just under three million

nearly 70,000 clerics came together and passed a fatwa against terrorist organizations, including IS, Taliban and al-Qaida ... On Eid this year, clerics here announced that if a man involved in terrorism is killed, "namaz-e-janaza" would not be read during his funeral services. This prayer is an important part of the last rites in Islam.