the 3,000 ads that have been linked to Russia are a drop in the bucket, even if they did reach millions of people. The real game is simply that Russian operatives created pages that reached people “organically,” ... their posts had been shared 340 million times. And those were six of 470 pages that Facebook has linked to Russian operatives. You’re probably talking billions of shares, with who knows how many views, and with what kind of specific targeting.

Facebook has already enlisted select third-party fact-checkers—Snopes,, ABC News, the AP, and Politifact at launch, all members of Poynter’s International Fact Checking Network—to comb through disputed stories and share their findings with the Facebook community at large. There are no financial arrangements between Facebook and the fact-checkers, or arrangements that would otherwise benefit the groups, and Facebook says it will add more partners going forward.

Fake news sites that feed false, inflammatory information to a credulous American public have risen as a way to make easy money ... 140 websites dedicated to US politics were traced back to a small Macedonian town... Since it’s cheap to register a domain, and set@an up shop overseas, junk sites like,, and can be easily manufactured and unleashed on social media networks, where the clicks can be turned into revenue.

censorship is only one side of the coin; discrediting contradictory sources of information is the other. Internalizing the notion that Western media reports about China are inaccurate, exaggerated, and purposely distorted inoculates the reader against ideas presented in media outside the scope of China’s control – criticism of the party and its leaders, information that shows liberal ideas such as democracy in a positive light — that Chinese authorities view as dangerous.

People from various hacking collectives have tried ... to block social media accounts that spread propaganda and attempt to recruit fighters for the Islamic State ... But experts have mixed views over whether the tactics risk creating a crude online dragnet that penalizes Arab speakers and sometimes sweeps up journalists and others with no Islamic State links ... “This is likely to implicate people who follow ISIS but don’t support it ... They follow it for research and intelligence purposes.”

Isis certainly believes in the power of the press. A recent blog boasted of having 15 media centres in a single province which disseminate CDs and audio files, and it has a large internet presence ... the propaganda Isis distributes in the Middle East often shows the group “administering its civilian population, cleaning the streets, fitting electricity pylons, fixing sewage systems, purifying water, collecting blood donations, providing health care and education”