The first installment of the loan, $2.75 billion, was immediately disbursed. Of late the relationship with Saudi Arabia has deteriorated, and Egypt has found itself cut off by its Saudi benefactor. Expected levels of revenue from an expansion of the Suez Canal have not materialized. In addition, remittances from Egyptian workers in the Persian Gulf have dropped. The monetary fund’s loan will... signal confidence in the government, making Egypt more attractive to foreign investors.

Fear of terrorism is dividing the world into winners and losers. Spain, Germany, Greece and Italy are profiting. In Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, small family-owned companies and large hotel chains alike are going under ... The winners are experiencing the full power of the tourism industry, one of the biggest economic sectors on the planet. In the EU, there are as many people working in tourism as there are in the auto industry or the agricultural sector

for many Tunisians, the revolution has not delivered on its economic promises, with the young in particular complaining about a lack of jobs and high living costs. Three...attacks...last year have also hit the economy hard, especially the tourism industry which is a key source of revenue and employment. Unemployment stood at 15.3 percent in 2015, up from 12 percent in 2010, due to weak growth, lower investment and a rise in... university graduates who comprise one-third of jobless Tunisians

The Botswana government has quietly sold the rights to frack for shale gas in one of Africa’s largest protected conservation areas ... The Kgalagadi transfrontier park, which spans the border with South Africa, is an immense 3 6,000 sq km wilderness, home to gemsbok desert antelope, black-maned Kalahari lions and pygmy falcons ... conservationists and top park officials – who were not informed of the fracking rights sale – are now worried about the impact of drilling on wildlife.

New Orleans is one of many American cities that rely on tourism and sales tax to support themselves ... New Orleans needs mega-events and massive entertainment districts, and an aggressive police presence in places where consumers gather. Sociologists describe this as post-Fordism, the economy of a place after the death of manufacturing jobs. The new focus divides a community into consumers and criminals. Most post-Fordism economies see a rise in zero-tolerance policing and incarceration rates.

Between the 1970s and 1990s, Cambodia was ravaged by civil war. Since its return to peace there has been a boom in tourism with over two million visitors every year..increasing numbers of tourists are now also working as volunteers... 'voluntourism' - the fastest-growing sector of one of the fastest-growing care industries in the world - is fuelling a high-profit volunteering business that sees volunteers' dreams exploited and Cambodian children separated from their families.

According to the IUCN Red List, the four neotropical countries with the most species of birds in the world (Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador) are also placed in the top five of countries with most birds in danger of extinction, with Brazil leading the group and Indonesia with them.

Boston—stretching only 48 square miles—is too small to take on the games alone (2012 Olympic host London is 700 square miles). If the games are concentrated too heavily downtown, the tourist volume could easily overwhelm the city's narrow road infrastructure. (the 2012 summer games generated 900,000 Olympic tourists. An equal figure would nearly triple Boston's population overnight).