Until now, SPV has been applied by hand, uniformly dropping single baits every 9 to 10 meters for prairie dogs in the wild. Around eight acres can be covered in an hour of walking, Matchett said. However, covering the target area of 1,200 acres is unimaginable with a small crew of people. With drones, it will take around 50 seconds to cover one acre.

Researchers estimate today's mangrove finch population is less than 100 individuals, and includes only 20 active breeding pairs. For a bird living on the edge of extinction, nesting success is utterly critical.

In 1900, an estimated 100,000 tigers roamed free on our planet. Yet within a hundred years, that number plummeted by more than 95 percent — the result of rampant poaching and widespread habitat loss. But it seems the tide may finally be turning for the majestic cat ... the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) announced that wild tiger numbers were on the rise for the first time in over a century. There are now an estimated 3,890 tigers in the wild, up from about 3,200 in 2010

Question: Can we hope to preserve, in the midst of modern America, any such remnant of our continent’s primordial landscape, any such sample of true wildness—a gloriously inhospitable place, full of predators and prey, in which nature is still allowed to be red in tooth and claw? Can that sort of place be reconciled with human demands and human convenience? Time alone, and our choices, will tell. But if the answer is yes, the answer is Yellowstone.

90 researchers from various organizations have joined aerial teams flying survey transects in 18 elephant range countries ... Aside from huge declines not only in Tanzania but also Mozambique (which has seen a 48 percent loss of its elephants in just five years), the census has revealed positive stories. Botswana’s elephant population has remained stable, with an estimated 129,939 recorded in 2014 (similar to 2013). Major strongholds are the Chobe, Savuti, and Okavango areas.

The Botswana government has quietly sold the rights to frack for shale gas in one of Africa’s largest protected conservation areas ... The Kgalagadi transfrontier park, which spans the border with South Africa, is an immense 3 6,000 sq km wilderness, home to gemsbok desert antelope, black-maned Kalahari lions and pygmy falcons ... conservationists and top park officials – who were not informed of the fracking rights sale – are now worried about the impact of drilling on wildlife.

elephants have excellent memories, and are able to recognize up to one thousand individuals. So strong is elephant empathy that they sometimes bury their dead, and will return repeatedly to the skeleton of a deceased matriarch to fondle her tusks and bones ... A week after the death the family returned again to express what can only be called their grief.

These unique data showing a wide range of animals thriving within miles of a major nuclear accident illustrate the resilience of wildlife populations when freed from the pressures of human habitation. The findings of this study are a reflection of impacts of human habitation and natural resource overexploitation in the absence of conservation measures

The extreme loss of Arctic sea ice due to climate change is forcing thousands of walruses to crowd ashore on a remote barrier island off Alaska, and threatening their survival ... Sea ice cover in the winter months fell to a new low this year because of climate change and abnormal weather patterns ... Some scientists believe the Arctic could be entirely ice-free in the summer months by the 2030s – with profound effects for local indigenous communities ... as well as wildlife

IFAW examined US Craigslist sites in 14 cities and 14 smaller metro areas. Over four days in March, the group found 522 postings for ivory, suspected ivory, and other wildlife items (such as a foot stool made from an elephant’s foot) that based on asking price could fetch nearly $1.5m. The motherlode of nefarious online trading, however, more likely takes place on the “dark” or “deep” Web — sites that are not easily accessible through regular internet searches.